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Looking back on 2016....

It's been an incredible year as I've constantly been inspired by various artists, creators and friends during my ride in 2016. The buzz and energy from finding new direction and passion in my work has allowed me to focus on improving my skills in aerial photography and printmaking. I have compiled my top 10 favorite shots from this year to share with you as we all prepare to head into 2017.


(Images are best viewed on your phone sideways)

10/10: 'Sri Lankan Air'

I started experimenting with levitation in January this year and also had recently transitioned to the Sony A7rii camera. This opened up ideas and gave me confidence that a new range of possibilities could open up for me creatively.

9/10: 'Mind Blown'

Shot this one of my friend and recording engineer Eryck Bry at SweetSounds studios for our website and social media. This one was the 1st in many levitation images that followed that I shot throughout the year.

8/10: 'Dreams City'

Captured this classic NYC view during my 1st aerial flight in March this year with Flynyon. This was extra special as I got to fly with my wife Amrita and see NYC in this epic aerial golden hour setting. This shot inspired a lot of the year ahead and all the aerial work I would end up doing.

7/10: 'Sobe Life'

I got to fly with with some of my closest friends and the South Beach Helicopter crew for this shot. This was 1st time I started doing straight down overheads with the pilot making sharp banking turns. I've printed this several times and it started my obsession with beach aerials.

6/10: 'Venice Waves'

This image was around 1000 feet over Venice Beach and was taken in my 2nd flight over LA this past summer. I flew with a very talented Pilot Paul Cass in the R-22 and found some cool pockets of surfers and beachgoers on a beautiful Cali Day.

5/10: 'Waves Break'

'Waves Break' was another image I captured over Venice beach- The rich colors and depth in the water looked inspiring from getting the chopper right over the wave breaks below.

4/10: 'Gate Crossing'

I had been trying on several trips to shoot the awesome Golden Gate but finally got the chance to fly right over it with some good friends along for the flight. The conditions were great so we were able got to get some tight shots very close to the bridge.

3/10: 'Park Life'

This was 1st in the series from my flight with Wingsair from the 'NYC @ 7am' series. The clouds and the morning light made this a unique take on the classic Central Park shot.

2/10: 'Slice of Basel'

This shot is from my new Miami series that is coming next week. I flew down the beaches with Florida Coast Helicopters and got several special images of South Beach overhead during Art Basel week. The full collection goes live 1.4.17.

1/10: 'Entering Gotham'

'Entering Gotham' - This was one of those NYC magic moments for me flying over a very quiet early morning NYC with the clouds hovering over the entire city. This was on my 7th flight overall flight of the year and I felt confident flying and was also lucky enough to capture the Freedom Tower sneaking out over the edge of the clouds.


So what's next in 2017? I'm planning more aerial work in LA and Palm Springs in January and I hope to also release more aerial video footage from drone and helicopter flights coming up. My goal next year is to continue shooting and making large format prints and hope to have a gallery show lined up very soon... Believe and create... stay tuned and Happy New Year!.

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