Dunkirk....(read only if you have seen the film)

Dunkirk…Warning: Spoilers ahead. Read only if you have seen the film-

As we live and work surrounded by media and advertising, we’re left in a constant bustling flurry of noise, activity, and social feed bombardment. How do we escape or look past this and capture something real with emotion? Something more than just another 30 second or social documentary or a fleeting series which you can binge consume in a night?

Where is the story today? The story that gets us to focus on a specific idea. The precise emotion it creates every time you see it. The memories it leaves us with long after. A truly powerful story cuts through all the noise and roars loudly in our minds outside of the humdrum of the clutter of life. It something that inspires us, and stays with us.

For me personally, watching Christopher Nolan’s new film Dunkirk was, in fact, this special moment of storytelling epiphany. Sure, the cinema