Dreaming of ‘Closer’ - The exploration of the urban oasis..

Dreaming of ‘‘Closer’ - The exploration of the urban oasis..

I had started the year in 2017 by signing up for an advanced printing class at ICP (International school of photography.) I studied under the brilliant Ben Gest - who broke down an image into it’s very basic elements and worked with the simple idea of ‘Let’s get the image on paper and work from there’. I obsessed and printed and repeated this process for 3 months in a basement room full of creatives,classmates and critiquers. Eventually, I was able to and refine my approach to printing photography under Ben’s tutelage. I continued shooting and pursuing more aerial images and photography from Miami in May, LA in July and August, and NY in Sept and October. I was experimenting with lenses, shooting medium format and trying new approaches on each shoot. I played with different heights, banking turns and different views of each city or landscape I shot. My images were getting stronger technically, but I still felt a sense of unease in trying to make sense of everything I was shooting and printing. My work felt fragmented into divisions of pretty and sellable beach work versus familiar cityscapes. I continued working with Ben and tried to make sense of all my content and build a theme and a unique voice for a personal goal I had envisioned for a show this year.

At the end of September 2017, with three-forths of the year over, my goal to showcase my work was still alive. With perseverance and luck I connected with Tanya Decosta and the W Hotel. My portfolio had developed, and the W Union Square was ready for to choose a new artist-in-residence – things were starting to align. Tanya believed in my work, and we met to discuss the details for my print photography –the meeting ended with a date set for my first opening! my print photography. It felt like one of those magical New York moments;where amongst the millions of bustling hard working,hard charging souls we live amongst - I got a chance - partly due to my persistence and hard work but so much also due to Tanya’s belief in my vision.

I set out to build a concept and refine a theme- I had shot Orange County with beaches and surfers but also had images of water and coastlines. I had focused the camera on parks, basketball courts (‘Night SHots’), tennis courts(‘Lucky in Love’) and swimming pools (‘No Diving’). In my final shoot for the show in October- rather than feel the pressure mounting to produce new work for the show, I felt a catharsis and a deep feeling of calm. I celebrated the transition I felt - from just purely capturing the simple beauty of the aerial view - to honin