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'In The Wild' @ W Fort Lauderdale

It’s is a feeling we get when we’re connected to our surroundings - the overpowering awe, the inspired emotions, the rush. I created the series of images for ‘In the Wild’ not to celebrate where we are in the world but to show how humanity encounters nature and its powerful forces; we absorb it and we embrace it. I wanted to highlight how we respect its strength and attempt to understand its depth. I strived to shoot the immense natural elements and searched to find a series of curves, patterns, and details that bring out the awe-inspiring playground we can experience in our humanity.

Technology may attempt to teach us everything, but we are reminded of larger than life lessons in nature.The ripples in the water in ‘Ripper’ and, the mists, stirs and mighty waves that are shown- energize and propelled our story to be unveiled even further. The empty spaces in ‘Feather’s shown - feel so small in comparison with the vast surroundings that could easily overwhelm us. But through all of this- I wanted to show how we are more together in this experience than we can actually realize. The towering giant shadows cast on the sand help the curves of the water and shapes in the sand. The water coming from so many directions- from so many stories that create the foundations of who we are.

‘In the Wild’ looks to also show us the sense of the day is lost and we become enveloped by a new sense of time. Each photo is a look beyond our own self - a connection of how people have found each other- It shows that we are always looking to discover more in the others around us. In ‘We Came to Party’ over 1,000 boats are welcomed by the shallow sand out in the bay. The connection of the people is so strong that we forget the people are walking on water. The metal and machines so irrelevant - we only see the life and the party within.

I ask the viewer to take from this collection and imagine the athletic force of the surfer in “Warriors on Water’ and hold that feeling in your day-to-day, in your daily grind. She’s riding over a very powerful, dangerous reef with fast-moving currents- yet she remains truly in focus and moves with confidence. I want to show that we are that natural force - regardless of the enormous space, the barriers, the walls and the challenges that may try and surround us. We are the power of our humanity as we celebrate water, wind and time….We will always strive to live beyond who we are…. ‘In the Wild’ Dinesh Boaz.

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