'Within The Lines’ debuts March 7th at the dnj Gallery in Santa Monica, Santa Monica.  The collection of images were captured between December 2018 to December 2019.  These were shot almost exclusively from doorless helicopters with the exception of Jackson Hole which was captured from a Cessna airplane. Locations shown include: Israel, Iceland, Hawaii, Florida, Texas and Wyoming. There will be 16 images on display in from March 7th to April 18th.

Dinesh Boaz | Artist Statement:


We have become accustomed to an organized chaos - viewing multiple screens and scrolling daily through feeds -  all part of a hyper-connected lifestyle that is now our existence. Our collective experience of the world of images becomes a visual disorder - one of more of a function of corporate objectives and less a narrative of experience that we can control.


The photographs in the series ‘Within The lines’ are a portal into a place where we can reconnect with the earth’s natural powers and massive landscapes. Look through the lines in my viewfinder and share what is created from the movements, seismic geological shifts and our collective human experience in its many forms and manifestations. The ‘top down’ view from above in a fast moving helicopter constantly develops and changes over the course of each flight I take. There is a tension of what is to come that creates the drive that I live for.  The cramped cockpit serves as my studio with nothing in between my viewfinder and 1000 feet below to the ground. As the helicopter blades suspend gravity, I start to feel the weightlessness for new ideas to form.


I want the images to ask the viewer to look within - where one can find bliss in the solitude of open space and forward momentum from the motion and movement of humanity of how we live within nature.  


During each shoot, I feel overwhelmed to realize the very specific moment in time will never happen again through my lens. The waterscapes that have been flowing from millennia, the sand collecting from the movement of the ocean, the lone surfer in ‘Warriors on Water’ - riding a giant churn of powerful waves or the Formula 1 super cars taking hairpin turns in ‘Curves’.  The machines working the interplay of people, and humanity being challenged by natural forces beyond our control.  All this being a further display of the grandiose scale and sheer power of the earth we live in.


The photographs of ‘Within the Lines’ are to awaken us to look up and around - and see the world beyond what is familiar - beyond our screens and beyond life on demand.  Look beyond to the world that exists ‘Within The Lines’. - Dinesh Boaz

For more information about the exhibit please contact dnj Gallery at (310) 315-3551 or email:  info@dineshboaz.com