Artist Bio:  Dinesh Boaz  


Although now a New Yorker, Dinesh was born in Chennai, India with deep roots in Sri Lanka.  Dinesh moved to the U.S. and graduated from Rutgers University where he studied psychology and philosophy. Dinesh took his first B&W photography class at college and was instantly hooked on creating images. Following graduation, he moved to NYC, where he worked as a music producer and experimented with his camera capturing composite portraits of studio artists and creating commercial work. Soon after, he took his first aerial photo flight over Manhattan and his visual eye became focused on creating aerial images. He went on to study advanced digital printmaking at the International Center of Photography. His photography now takes him across the world to build a portfolio of work and continue to grow his vision for awe-inspiring image-making.  

Artist Statement:

I choose to capture the world from helicopters to unravel an unfamiliar world within familiar places. I seek to find those unique stories and the images I create are deliberate reactions and interpretations of the environments unfolding.  The tension of working in cramped quarters of a fast-moving helicopter drives the energy and rhythm of each shoot; and the door open to over 1000 feet between my lens and the ground below opens up new possibilities and angles to explore.

In each shoot, I work with the pilot to coordinate my placement and view over each location.  I work with altitudes and sharp bank turns to achieve camera work over what I seek - A top down view of the world.   My lens is most drawn to pockets of color, lines, patterns, curves, and abstractions created in the unlikely merging of opposite landscapes. By honing in on the specific details of the earth below, I can highlight the remoteness and stillness in water, sand and rugged spacelike terrain, but also connect back to our existence with human form and the life within.  It is this juxtaposition of humanity along with the awe-inspiring natural elements that I am searching for in each flight.

I want to transport the viewer of my work into a unique dream-like meditative state - suspending time, expanding space and levitating one above our natural world.  There is a beauty in finding this moment and the overwhelming emotion that strikes me when the shot aligns - a feeling I want to convey again and again in my images.

What I hope to achieve through my photography,  is a shared view of the world and a mutually inspired experience. While I might play the role of orchestrator and purveyor of the journey through these landscapes, my hope is that one can experience the same feelings of inspiration, calm and positive energy I feel in the helicopter cockpit at 1000 feet. - Dinesh Boaz

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