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All images are available in limited edition fine art prints using the highest quality materials and production processes available. Each work is made custom to order and Dinesh works with his clients to find the right print and frame finishes that work best with each image considered.  Dinesh works directly with locally based master printers and framers in New York City, who understand his attention to details, tones and standards to produce the best work possible for your investment in his work. All works are tested for quality and clarity and finished pieces are signed and numbered.  All archival prints are supplied with a signature card for placement after framing.


The production options offered are:

  1. An unframed archival pigment fine art print. These come in matte, luster and glossy finishes. The finish is based on your framing choice and it is carefully protected, rolled and easy to ship worldwide.

  2. A striking modern production option is the face mounted Plexiglass. An archival glossy print is flush mounted to a sintra board and then placed between a plexiglass. This piece floats off the wall about an inch and a half due to a special hanging system known as a French Cleat. The sharp and rich quality of the print and clean presentation of the plexiglass with no frame is a very sleek look and feels perfect for a stunning display of aerial images. We also offer special floater frame options for this presentation style. (These works require a custom crate to be built for the safest shipping.)

  3. Dye Sublimation Prints (or Metal Prints), are a new medium where dyes are directly transferred into the aluminum. The result is stunning with vibrant color and a unique dimensional quality. Sublimation is the process of a solid turning to gas and back to solid. We print with dyes onto unique transfer paper, then heat the paper and specially coated metal with high pressure and temperature in our custom press. Dye sublimation prints are durable because the dyes are below the coated surface, resulting in a fade and scratch resistant piece. The aluminum (.045 thickness) can stand alone These pieces do not require any glazing (plexi cover) and because of this have minimal glare. We also offer special floater frame options for this presentation style. These also require a custom crate to be built in for safety during shipping. (Largest available size is 48 x 72)

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