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'Giant Steps' - Artist Meet & Greet April 13th To RSVP:

Artist statement from Dinesh Boaz on  'Giant Steps':

Many characteristics are involved in defining how we see and experience the world around us. As individuals, every step we take is a unique one –– looking through our personal lens. ‘Giant Steps’ reveals my framework and gives perspective to my path to the camera. By highlighting distinct tones and sounds in curves and lines that make up our world, the works aim to capture progressively changing landscapes in stunning environments.

The natural elements in our world exist in a dichotomy with what we have created–– the surroundings in our paths, colored stones and sand formations beneath the water, and rocks juxtaposed with metal machinery and harsh environments that separate before uniting. My images strive to show how supernatural currents, mighty waves, radiant sands, wind and time interact in an organized chaos.  


I encourage the viewer to visualize each distinct layer as it was captured; hear the sounds, move with the elements and feel the energy harnessed within. The work is meant to uplift, celebrate and add permanence to our otherwise fleeting experience of nature. Join me in the vantage point of a helicopter soaring at high speeds as we gain elevation –– Each shot serves to inspire movement and invites us to coexist in this collective view of the world. My role is to conduct the lines, calculate the trajectory, curate the natural color palettes, and create the forum for the feelings and emotions brought forth by ‘Giant Steps’. - Dinesh Boaz


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