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Iceland - Behind the Shots

Iceland was nonstop and amazing. Arriving on a redeye in Reykjavik- I took on the brutal cold from NYC's September sun. I spent the 1st day getting acclimated and getting prepped for the helicopter flight the next morning. With the weather all good, I took off in an R44 Helicopter from a tiny terminal at the domestic airport - with a really sharp pilot named Sandra Ólafsdóttir from Volcano Helicopters.. We headed to the South East coast where the epic glacial rivers started to come into view. (See some the images here from the Glacial rivers)

We spent time circling and making a bunch of bank turns and found some amazing colors unfold - unreal for me and this was just the start of the flight....

From there we headed up to the Glacier and into the highlands and made a quick stop at another airport for fuel.


The temperature dropped incredibly quickly as we headed over the Eyjafjallajokull Glacier...

(Shooting with the mega Fujifilm GFX100 medium format camera and the Sony A7riii 35mm)

The landscape was pure insaneness and there were colors melting into each other- and so many fast changing lights that all seemed to bring out the beauty of this landscape. I had a pure moment of just pausing and being in awe of what was in front of me. Check out some of my initial images from helicopter here... Also check out my BTS video inside the helicopter. I will be sharing some of this work as prints at my 'At 1000 Feet' exhibition of work at the Robin Rice Gallery Nov. 6th.

I got to spend a few more days in Reykjavik in between travel to Greenland. The city itself was stunning and the people were warm and easy going. I skipped the hits of the Airplane, The Golden circle, the Blue Lagoon - but that might be on the next trip and I know I am going back as soon as I can....I want to head up to the north coast next year- and see what I can capture traveling there.......(Greenland behind the scenes up next.....)

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