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Artist statement from Dinesh Boaz on 'Closer': 

I have sought to explore what it means to live in the chaos of city life and how getting ‘Closer’ to the urban oasis has helped me in my own outlook on why I can’t get away from being in the city.  Oasis is typically defined as a pleasant or peaceful area in the midst of a difficult, or hectic place or situation.  The oasis in the ‘Closer’ series  is a place that takes haven from the outside world.  I look to bring out the mundane and subtle nuances of life outside the boundaries of each setting-  life outside that shows the ugly roads and traffic, the concrete, the construction and the crowds - contrasting with the serenity of water, the camaraderie of the courts and team work of people in physical movement together. The lines of separation from the outside world are so strong  that the viewer is not only drawn to the oasis, but also to the stark unknown of what lies beyond its realm.  

Artist Statement from Dinesh Boaz on ‘Striking Balance’

In the process of shooting ‘Striking Balance’, I sought to not simply build a collection of places but to capture how human beings harmonize different spaces. This series isn’t a statement of the beauty of what we see, it’s about us being human and that we sometimes have to choose to impact and dominate nature. The images strive to equalize this discourse - purely aesthetically. Just for that very moment, we realize we are complicit to all of this - and the equalization has taken its course.


There is a remoteness and openness of possibilities in each space that I want to show. The reality and non-specific locations become partners of one another. The metal from the airplanes are left to eternity, while the warrior-like-surfer conquers the powerful surf break. In each image, the earth is treated with pleasure, yet we are tearing through it at the same time. The mines, the sand, the water - all become playful in their own ways, yet define and compete against each other in the purpose they each serve.


I hope to show that human nature is both all these things at once in its equal parts. The images are here to be a guide to equalize the journey we need to take to define the path for ourselves and our own outlook where things stand to each other.”  - Dinesh Boaz

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